22 Maret 2008


official theme song for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games
performed by Gloria Estefan
for me, it's an inspirational song

Some Dreams Live On In Time Forever
Those Dreams You Want With All Your Heart
And I'll Do Whatever It Takes
Follow Through With The Promise I Made
Put It All On The Line
What I Hoped For At Last Would Be Mine

If I Could Reach Higher
Just For One Moment Touch The Sky
From That One Moment In My Life
I'm Gonna Be Stronger
Know That I've Tried My Very Best
I'd Put My Spirit To The Test
If I Could Reach

Some Days Are Meant To Be Remembered
Those Days We Rise Above The Stars
So I'll Go The Distance This Time
Seeing More The Higher I Climb
That The More I Believe
All The More That This Dream Will Be Mine

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4 komentar:

  1. uhuhuk... ini nih postingan agak sampah... uhuhuhukkhuhuhkkk...

  2. ga juga ahh..
    baca dong lirik ny, pasti km jd semangat bikin TA mu cpt selesai, hihihihi

  3. kok q g pernah tau ada postingan ini yah?