28 Juni 2010

river IQ game

i like riddle, and it's been quite a long time since my last riddle. So i feel very excited, when my friend gave me this game. Well, i think it's a classic riddle, it's about some people trying to cross a river with a limited boat capacity. But i've been never played this kind of river game, it's more people here.

you will see a screen like picture below to start the game, just click the round button.

and here is the rule to solve the riddle:
1. boys can't be left with woman
2. girls can't be left with man
3. criminal can't be left without police
4. max. 2 person on the boat, min. 1 adult on the boat
5. boys can't be on the boat without man
6. girls can't be on the boat without woman

run the boat by pressing the red button beside it. ok, i think that's all. enjoy the game, everyone! :)

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