31 Desember 2010

happy new year, everyone! :)

hello there! it's new year eve. The last 2 years is the fastest years i ever had, those years fly so fast.. all things feel run so fast in Jakarta.

btw, i celebrated christmas and new year in my hometown, with my family. Yes, with my parents and my siblings. We live in 3 different city, so family gathering is a quite rare moment for us. There's no spectacular celebration or party. It's just us... our ordinary lunch, ordinary dinner, ordinary conversation. But somehow, i'm so thankful with all of this. I can say that it's one of the best moment of the year for me. It's always best for me when it comes to our quality time, when we can sit together and talk about anything, no matter pointless what we're talking about.

well everyone, wish you have a wonderful happy new year! :)

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