31 Januari 2011

see you, january

here we go.. at the end of January.

had a nice new year with the whole family. bought a swimsuit so i can learn to swim. took an important decision for my career. finally i'm 25, some says it's the new 17. and on the same day, had a christmas celebration with old friends, then met my best friend there after few months. got a wrong haircut. decided to take ITP-TOEFL for i'm still hoping for "that thing".

such a colorful month for me... so January, see you :)

3 komentar:

  1. berenang cing! :))

  2. sanny ulang taun yaa..
    happy belated birthday then,,,
    get older get wiser :)

  3. @nuning: sdh mulai bisa loooh.. :))
    @icha: thanks, faiha.. :)