31 Desember 2015

2015 Recap

Just like the previous year, 2015 is yet another not-productive-in-blogging year for me. But anyway, let me recap my 2015 in photos.

Jan: Started the very first seconds of 2015 by watching fireworks.
Feb: Building a snowman is not as easy as I thought before...
but on my 2nd try, with a help from a friend, finally I made it! :D
March: Witnessed a solar eclipse.
April: The happiest moment in 2015, visited 2 best friends in Netherlands.
May: Had my 1st job interview in Germany. And 1 day trip to Ulm.
June: Reached German level 11 in Duolingo.
Hahahaha what a milestone...
July: Had my last written exam for my study.
August: Bad Urach solo hiking.
Sept: Cycling around the neighborhood for the 1st time.

 Oct: Prague! I am so amazed by this beautiful city... Simply beyond my expectation.

Nov: Started my research on Augmented Reality,
for the shake of my thesis... *sigh
Dec: Ich vermisse meine Familie...
Hope you had a very Merry Christmas, everyone! <3

Lastly, I am so grateful for everything that happened this year. For every situation I had, for every decision I made, for every person I met, for both joy and disappointment I had, for every lesson I learned... Since I believe, sooner or later, all of those will make me a better person :)

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  1. Wah augmented reality .. cool! Thesis is around the corner, eh?

    Wish you a happy and beautiful holiday San!