28 November 2010

how to remove ubuntu on dual boot with Windows XP

I used to use 2 OS on my laptop, ubuntu and Windows XP. But now there's only Windows XP on it. Here's what i did to remove ubuntu:

First, remove ubuntu from boot option:

  1. boot using Windows XP CD
  2. choose "Repair"
  3. enter your installation number
  4. enter your admin password
  5. at the command prompt, type "fixmbr" (without quotation), then enter. Windows will overwrite the MBR.
  6. reboot. You'll don't have to choose OS again.
Ok, ubuntu has been remove from boot option. Next is re-formatting the ubuntu partition into NTFS or FAT32, so Windows XP can read the partition:
  1. open "Administrative Tools" from Control Panel.
  2. open "Computer Management".
  3. choose "Storage", then choose "Disk Management".
  4. you'll see all the partition of the disk (on right area).
  5. right-click on the ubuntu partition, the do the re-formatting.

Reboot your computer, just to make sure all things work well. Based on my experience, it should be working well :D

3 komentar:

  1. This is a short post, but i can make it shoter, just post like this:
    how to remove ubuntu on dual boot with Windows XP ? just backup your data and re-install your laptop. done!

  2. @ansis: it will break your currently used windows xp. or maybe i should change the title, to be "how to remove ubuntu on dual boot with Windows XP, without break the Windows XP". halahh kepanjangan :))